I am Ethan Painter and I am a storyteller. I tell stories with the photos i take... and I want to tell yours next.

I have lived in Michigan my entire life. People hate on the weather, but I love where I live. I am based just north of Lansing, but often travel wherever my camera takes me!

I live with my beautiful wife Kim, our two sons Corban and Zion and our dog Hemi.

I brew freshly ground coffee every morning and pretty much drink it all day long.

For my entire life I have told people I am allergic to coconut, even though I'm not... Just because I hate it so much.

I play guitar whenever I can.

I pray and read the Bible often.

My lifetime goal is to learn something new every single day.

I believe I was created to create and to tell stories with the photos and films I create... And I want to tell yours next.

I hope to meet you soon! Until then, stay awesome.


Ethan Painter

Dream big and dare to fail.