Do you ever have one of those days where it seems like you can’t do anything right? Or you feel like a failure for messing something up? As I write this sitting in the corner of an East Lansing coffee shop, I am watching the snow fall outside while sensing feelings of doubt, worthlessness and fear on the inside. This happens to the best of us I suppose. 

"You can’t do that.
Stop dreaming.
You’re not good enough.
What will other people think?
You can’t afford that.
Get back in line with the status quo."

These are the things my mind is screaming at me right now. I begin thinking this way whenever I come up with new exciting ideas and try pursuing them. The logical part of me wants to run in the opposite direction of my dreams. To watch my life pass by as I sit in a cubicle, in a dimly lit room, drinking terrible coffee for ten hours a day with the hope that one day I can possibly retire and have enough money saved up to cover a small house payment. Because that is the "American Dream" we have been taught since we were kids. (More like the American Scheme.)  That’s what my brain wants, but there's so much more to life.

My heart... My heart has a different future in mind. 

A future where I am free. A future where I can spend time with my family and friends every single day without feeling anxious. A future where I can pursue my passion and still provide for my family financially. One day this will happen. But it takes one small step at a time. That is the hard part I guess. I am at the bottom of a huge mountain, climbing slowly, and wishing I could just jump to the top. Even if I could jump to the top, I have to remember that I would miss out on all the lessons I am learning during the climb. 

If you ever feel this way, keep going. Your dreams are worth chasing. Even if you never catch them, you will find even better ones along the way. Don’t give up. Keep chasing, friend.

Stay Awesome,