The biggest day of your life is quickly approaching. Your brain is spinning with all the details, to-dos and people you need to talk to before it arrives. One of your concerns is probably how you will look! There are so many factors that can change how you appear on your wedding day. Stress, weather, clothing malfunctions, temperature, location... The list goes on and on. Here are some tips which will help you look absolutely fabulous in your wedding photos!


I know it's hard. Believe me, during my wedding day, I felt stressed to the max, and I didn't even do most of the planning! (That task was gracefully led by my wonderful wife!) Here's the thing: this day won't happen again. And believe me, it will FLY by. Keep a relaxed mindset throughout the day, even if things go wrong. You will enjoy the day more and you will look relaxed and natural in your photos!

Be You, not the Bride You Saw on Pinterest

Be yourself! Every bride I know has a large Pinterest board full of photos of other brides they want to look exactly like. While there is nothing wrong with Pinterest, there is only one you in the world. Be you! If you can show your true personality, your photos will reflect it!

Use your Hip to Rock your Poses

No one looks good with their hands dangling loosely by their sides. Put a hand on a hip to add a natural, relaxed and spunky look to your photographs! This will also make your arms look slimmer. (And who doesn't want to look a little slimmer?)

What do you think? Are you already married? What do you do to look great in your wedding photos? Let me know in the comments below!

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