There is something so special about high school sweethearts... Especially when they are preparing to bring a sweet baby girl into the world!

Ryan and Jill met in junior high school. It must have been fate because these two are so perfect for each other! They started hanging out with mutual friends in high school and began dating during Jill's junior year. 

A first date between two people can tell a lot about their future together. When I asked Jill about where they went on their first date, she told me, "Our first date was to the library where we looked at children's books. Ryan taught me how to play chess and then we went to get hot chocolate at a coffee shop. That's a pretty good description of who we are... I love kids, books, and reading. Ryan loves strategy and math. God has definitely gifted us in completely different ways, but it is so cool to see how much we compliment each other because of it!"

These two lovebirds have been married five years, but still look at each other like newlyweds! Their love for each other has taken them through many adventures, from spending a month together in China to becoming pet owners when they got their dog Chandler! In the midst of the chaos of life, they are loving their jobs, loving their church, and loving each other. I am so excited for these two as they welcome this sweet baby girl into their family!